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1st CoMan-Ment

BOOK I'm Just A Man 2 - Gala, Wednesday 21st November 2018
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GrungeX | I'm Just A Man

1st  CoMan-Ment


I am from the greek language, eimai, which means I exist, Man, from human.


I give myself permission.

Permission to receive.

Permission to be me.  


Founded by Dr. JIM SKIValidas

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I'm Just A Man

1st CoMan-Ment

The Music Movement,

Honouring The Millions of Men

(Fathers, Sons, Uncles, Cousins, Mates, Colleagues),

who have suffered anxiety, depression &/or passed away from suicide or overdose and


Empowering them with the

10 CoMan-Ments of

rock n roll music, 1967 - 2018,

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